Emini Day Trading Live Room – Less Than A Cup Of Coffee

In Emini Day Trading, if you type “Learn to Trade” into Google you will find over 48 Million sites offering information.  Obviously, learning to trade is big business and there are several Guru’s competing for yours.  I have paid my share of educational expenses (more that $50K over the years) studying under various instructors and professional traders…  Paying as high as $299/mo for the privilege.  Although worth it, I know many of you are not willing to spend that kind of money and I don’t blame you. MY LIVE TRADING ROOM includes live streaming video of my charts, live audio instructional comments on trade setups, and live chat for real time questions from all members.  You can “Learn to Trade” in our Live Futures Trading Room by applying the Emini Junkie Trading Method.

There is this big mystique around Emini Day Trading that tends to keep many folks from even considering the path on which you are about to embark.  I wish I could tell you the profile of what makes a successful Emini Day Trading professional that attends our Live Futures Trading Room…  However, in reality I cannot.  We have had successful room participants from all walks of life from around the globe.  In fact we have room members that stretch across every continent except Antarctica (must be too cold there for the internet).  Our members include retired professionals, widows, stay at home moms/dads, business owners, college students, full-time traders, ex pit traders, off floor traders, brokers, other trading room participants, real estate agents, internet marketers, doctors, lawyers, gym rats, factory workers, telephone operators, dentist, plastic surgeons, teachers, box store workers, cab drivers, optometrist, college drop outs, preachers and about every other type of individual there is including professional coffee drinkers.

So what does it take to be active in Emini Day Trading?  Well, in our Live Futures Trading Room we start off each morning around 9:00 AM EST and do a Pre-Market Analysis, discussing current market action, key areas of support and resistance we see for the day, whether or not we have a high probability gap trade, whether the overnight conditions suggest a trend or range day, upcoming news announcements, key weekly and daily pivots, previous unfilled gaps and any other questions that our members may have…   We then move into live trading.  Where we set-up the trading plan trades based on the course material and BOOT CAMP WEBINAR/DVD we also discuss and teach entry techniques around “other” high probability setups” not covered in the Daily Trading Plan.

Our Trading Plan strategies focus on using cutting edge indicators combined with market internals and price action to create a trading advantage over other Emini Day Trading participants.  We focus on intra-day setups following a strict money management  Day Trading Course Live Futures Trading Room that cuts losses short while allowing profits to run.  All of our trades are entered with a pre-defined stop that adjust at the initial target, which allows them to mature while reducing risk.  Our goal is to provide a safe community where new or experienced Emini day trading traders can trade the plan outlined in the Emini Day Trading Course without spending hundreds of dollars per month on subscription fees or costly losses.

All during the day we take members’ chat questions and use them as live teaching examples…  We end the day after the morning session and open up the chat for a final review of the morning’s trades and a Q&A session.   The afternoon session, we leave the room open and  provide a non-moderated members’ chat where other room participants share and implement the Emini Day Trading Trading Plan while viewing our steaming video charts within the Live Futures Trading Room.

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