Finally you can trade the S&P Index Futures with confidence…

“Insanely Accurate Emini Trading System Tells You EXACTLY When

To Enter and When To Exit the Market for Maximum Gains”

Generate Your Own Profitable Emini Futures Trading Signals Within 24 Hours…  Even If You’ve Never Traded Before

From the Desk of Matt Brown


In the 11 minutes it takes you to read this letter, I will show you how it’s possible to make more money than most doctors and attorneys trading futures from home…

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know your exact circumstances:

  • Maybe you’re a high-level executive or a professional such as a doctor or lawyer. You make a comfortable living, but you have to work so hard that your wife and kids hardly get to see you during their waking hours. You’re looking for a way out, but not something that will require you to leave the security of your job or make any major career moves right away…
  • Or maybe you’re already retired but you’re looking to have greater control over your finances. You don’t mind leaving a portion of your ”serious money” in the hands of a trusted broker or financial planner, but deep down inside you know greater returns are possible if you would manage a portion of your nest egg.
  • Then again, you could just be an average “Middle Management Mack” like I was. You make a decent-enough income, but you know retirement is nothing more than a distant dream. You also know that all the “work from home” scams are just that – SCAMS! – and you’re looking for a legitimate way (without spamming or begging your friends to buy into the next MLM cash flow scheme) to make some extra income without taking away from the little free time that you have…

Whatever your situation, there is a solution. There is a way out… I realize that all this may seem “too good to be true,” but I promise you it works just like I’m describing it … I know, because I’m living proof of it.

My Name is Matt Brown and “I’m an E-mini Futures Day Trader…”

Chances are you’ve never heard of me. You see, I have never been comfortable in the spotlight and have purposely remained “underground” for the better part of my trading career.

I don’t write fancy hard cover books…

I don’t try to get on CNBC, and…

I don’t go from city to city doing “dog and pony shows” so I can sell a room-full of people my overpriced, piece-of-crap, blinking-light, “black box” software that supposedly shows you how to trade the markets.

I’m a trader…first and foremost.  Trading is my passion and educating others on my Trading Plan and Techniques is a new found Love. But that wasn’t always the case…

In 2005 I Had a Job that Paid Me a Mid 6-Figure Salary…

The Only Problem Was I Had No Life !

I’ve been investing in the financial markets for the past 15 years and have been an active Futures Trader for the past 7 years.  But it wasn’t until January 2006 that I become a full-time, professional trader. You see, once upon a time I had what most would consider to be a pretty good job.   I was climbing the ladder within a major Fortune 500 company, I made very good money and got to travel quite a bit.  The only problem was, I had 3 small children, a wife who was growing distant, and no time to enjoy much of anything outside of the office! My life lost all balance and control: 

  • I was constantly running on fumes from lack of sleep and over-working (and taking a personal day was NOT an option)…
  • I barely saw my family because I was out of the door before they woke up and didn’t get home until most of them were in bed (during the 40% of the time I wasn’t on a plane)…
  • My waist was getting bigger and my hair was turning grey (lack of diet and exercise was taking it’s toll)…
  • My friends didn’t even bother to call (any longer because they knew I couldn’t go out)…

…all I did was work! (Maybe you can relate…) And for all I know, things would have remained that way had I not been awoken one morning while on a business trip with a most disturbing phone call.

I’ve Never Been So Shaken In All My Life. I Thought My Heart Was

About To Stop…

This was one of those mornings I wouldn’t wish for anyone to have to wake up to…

My wife called me crying hysterically, I could not imagine what had

happened.  Then with great sadness she informed me…

My mother had died in the early morning hours from a blood clot letting loose as a result of a pulmonary embolism.  My brother, who had not been relocated by “Corporate America “, found her resting peacefully as he stopped in to check on her that morning.

I did not know what to do, I drove frantically back home to pick up my wife and kids and made arrangements to attend her funeral…Sad to say she did not even get to know our infant son and yet to be born daughter due to the nearly 1200 miles that separated us.

It was at that moment everything came into perspective and I knew my life had to change.

So Over the Next Few Months I Did Something that Most Men Will

Never Have the Guts To Do…

…I Quit My Job!

Other than laying my mother to rest, this was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in my life.  After all, what kind of moron would leave a safe, secure 6-figure career with three children under the age of four? Who does that kind of thing? Simple: Someone with options. (And fortunately, thanks to the Index Markets in particular the E-mini Futures, I did have options.)

NOTE: I’m not saying that you should necessarily quit your job like I did…again, I’m not fully aware of your individual circumstances.  What I am saying, however, is that you SHOULD have options in the event that life takes a turn you don’t expect…

Keep in mind that at this point in my life I had already been trading part-time for over 13 years.  I cut my teeth in the stock market, then moved onto index options, and later Emini Futures. In that time, I’ve found that successful trading boils down to two things:

  1. Understanding the “personality” of the market you’re trading, and…
  2. Knowing what makes them move

I’ve spent more time than I can possibly calculate in this pursuit.  When I was on the road (which was almost always) any spare time I had was spent reviewing charts, analyzing data and developing my profitable trading systems. And as it turns out, I have quite a knack for it.

How To See “Profit-Pulling Chart Patterns” When Others Just See

Squiggly Lines…

I would love to sit here and tell you how smart I am and that I was able to just walk into the markets and start picking the pockets of other traders…Well I can’t and I wont because it did not happen that way!

I spent almost $50,000 dollars on my education through multiple “Guru’s” and some big time outfits that speak of the promise land if you just follow their RED and GREEN ARROWS …

I can honestly tell you that every dollar I spent was well worth it as it forced me to look inside multiple systems and styles to decipher what would work best for me.

I ended up learning something from each and everyone of my mentors and took a little piece of everything they taught me combined it with my own STYLE and came up with an Extremely Consistent Day Trading Plan that has stood up during the entire 2006 – 2010 (Housing Bubble, Financial Market Crash, TARP, TALF and other Government Intervention Programs) market cycle and continues to work today.

If I am not some kind of Genius or Fortune Teller then how is it that I can look at a chart like the one below and know that I should sell short the ES Future where indicated?

Simple: I’ve done the research, I’ve run the numbers, and I’ve LIVE-TRADED this particular system long enough to know that[rad-hl] I’ll be right more times than I’m wrong [/rad-hl]

And as long as I engineer my trades such that I:

  • Get out of the losers quickly, and…
  • Let the winners ride…

…long-term profits are a near certainty!

Admittedly I’m oversimplifying things and making them sound a lot easier than they really are. The truth is, trading Index Futures isn’t easy, and it isn’t the kind of thing you want to “learn by doing”.

That’s why, for the first time ever, I’ve decided to share everything I know about trading Futures in the ES with you.

“So Why Would I Share My Best Emini Trading Systems With the Public?”

For the longest time I only traded these systems in my own accounts. It’s not that I was unwilling to share my secrets, it’s just that I never really saw the point.  I’m a trader, not a marketer and I was happy making money just DOING instead of TEACHING.

But in the last 12 – 18 months everything changed…

Before 2007, there was very little information available about How to Trade Index Futures in the ES.  Stock and options trading has been popular for decades, but the Emini Futures remained obscure for the newer trader.

But for some reason, the Eminis have been thrust into prominence and now everywhere you look it’s E-mini Futures, E-mini Futures, E-mini Futures. (In fact, that’s probably why you wound up on this particular web page.)

Every time I turned around there was another “Index Futures Guru” touting a supposedly proven system that was *guaranteed* to make you 30% … 40% … even 100% returns every MONTH! That seemed a bit of a stretch to me, but I figured I’d buy in and check them out.

And you know what I found… most of it stunk!

The information was either incorrect, incomplete, or it was just a rehash of basic trading strategies that have existed in the stock markets for years.  And they were all charging an arm and a leg (up to $299/mo.) for the privilege of watching them implement their strategies live.

But I didn’t totally lose heart.  I purchased one course after another, each time hoping I would learn a nugget or two of something valuable. Each time, however, I was disappointed…

“All the Other Courses Were Over Priced and Under Valued for The

Products They Were Offering”

To put it kindly, I had had enough. That’s when I decided to publish my Emini Junkie Trading Plan™.

I wanted to offer an alternative to all the lies and scams being sold on the Internet.

I wanted to offer SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKED…something that was proven through years of real-world testing and not just hyped up theory that some wannabee guru thought should work!


And so that’s just what I did…

I’ve Packaged My Best Futures Trading Setups Into One Low Cost E-book 

So You Can Start Trading High Probability Entries With Confidence TODAY!

This 64 page Trading Plan isn’t theories or “good ideas” that I think should work.  These are tested and proven TRADING SETUPs that do work!

And when I say “Trading Plan” I mean a complete system that comes with ultra-specific rules such as:

  • WHAT TIME of day you should trade…TradingPlan2
  • WHEN you should get into a trade…
  • HOW you should get out of a trade…
  • WHERE you should place your stops so you can protect yourself should things not go your way (and you should know right now that sometimes they don’t)…

In short, there’s no room for error because I show you  EXACTLY how you need to trade if you want to make money.

I don’t care how “green” you are…after you go through my Emini Junkie Trading Plan™ [rad-hl] you will know how to trade S&P Emini Futures! [/rad-hl]

You will also be receiving access to our KIS Trade DVD.  With the KIS Trade DVD you will learn an alternative trade entry based on the concepts in the Emini Junkie Trading Plan. This specific style has been adopted by a few of our room members with great success and it is time to share with the masses.

What You Will Learn

  • The Set Up – KIS Style
  • When to avoid placing the trade
  • How to trade with as little as 1 contract
  • Specific Entries, Exits and Stops

Who Is This DVD For…

  • Trading Room Members/Trading Plan Owners
  • Anyone looking for larger potential profits on fewer trades
  • Anyone looking for less decision points when placing trades


And here’s exactly how you’ll do it…

The Secret To Profiting In Any Market, No Matter the Conditions…

Ask any professional trader and they’ll tell you that the market moves in only *one of three* ways:

  • Up…
  • Down, or…
  • Sideways

And to successfully trade the Futures (or any market for that matter), you must be able to profit in BOTH up and down markets and AVOID the sideways markets altogether or learn when to take an edge trade.  That’s exactly what the rules in my proprietary  Emini Junkie Trading Plan™ allows you to do.


The Philosophy of my Trading Plan…

The Trading Plan is Your Key to Change.  Your Ability to Stay

Disciplined will Determine Your Success.

Trading without a game plan is very dangerous.  Every trader needs to have a set of rules and guidelines that defines their edge.  The main ingredient of a successful trading plan include what to trade, when to trade and how to enter and when to initiate profit/loss taking strategies.  Most programs stop there, buy a successful trader also includes daily preparations, daily risk parameters and the importance of journaling.

The principle requirement of a trading plan is for it to be profitable. Although every trader’s plan is unique to the individual, I have devised a very [rad-hl] comprehensive and systematic approach [/rad-hl] that focuses on high probability setups and time frame’s to trade.

As a requisite to my other products and services the trading plan will completely define the Emini Junkie’s trading framework.  Learning to trade consistently takes time and effort.

My goal is to instill a plan  that allow a trader to practice in a simulated environment, analyze their results and make the plan their own.  Once consistent on paper, the next progression is live trading with a properly funded account.

What is inside..

Table of Contents of the 64 Page Emini Junkie Trading Plan

“This Is A Limited Time Offer”

This all might sound like a lot to take in, but I promise you that when you’re through all the material and spend time on our members only forum you will get it 100%.  You will have an education that many have paid thousands for in this industry and only received a fraction of the content.

When I decided to release this e-Book  I knew the information contained within could sell for well over $1,000.  But what is the point in that?  It is a big marketplace and If I can change multiple lives by making this affordable to anyone interesting in trading Eminis than I would be leaving behind a greater legacy when all is said and done.  Besides, I know this is what my Mother would have wanted me to do.  I know this can make a difference for several of you…

Our Signature Entries – Long and Short


Although I can not go into great details about our Signature Trades as far as how we enter or watch for the setups, I can let you know what the monthly performance has been since we started keeping a published daily video journal.

We started the daily video record keeping online starting February 2009 and have ammassed some impressive results.   During 2009 we average about 5 signature entries per day resulting in just over 106 ticks per week.

The Emini Junkie Trading Plan™ Comes With Everything

You Need To Start Trading Today…

Limited Quantity

“I’ll Guarantee Success With This Trading Plan”

I know what you’re probably thinking. What if this doesn’t work for me? That’s the reason I’ve guaranteed the plan.  I’m going to give you my full 30-day guarantee, as a matter of fact.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but you can download my plan, you can read it, you can watch our training videos, you can use our templates, and request a refund anytime within 30 days if it does not provide you with a better understanding of market structure and how to trade it accordingly.  It’s that simple. That’s how confident I am in this trading plan.

The Guarantee does not guarantee any user will profit as we have no way of knowing if you will follow The Emini Junkie Trading Plan entry and exit rules letting your trades work.  However, we absolutely Guarantee our methods will achieve a detailed structure for entering and exiting the market with a very specific rule based plan.  You must be able to follow The Trading Plan’s Long and Short rules when you execute your trades.  Fair Enough?


“Every Minute You Wait Is Costing You Money”

Now it’s time to get started. What I need you to do is go directly to the button below, press it, take out your credit card, and order it right now.  You will get the Full Emini Junkie Trading Plan , and KIS DVD seminar +  Free Access to our Live Trading Room for 1 month all for $497*. So right now, remember you get this price only if you’re willing to take immediate action, view the course, and give me your honest feedback about its content.You know what to do next …

  1. Take out your credit card …
  2. Click on the “Buy Trading Plan Now” button…
  3. Fill-in your information …
  4. And you will get instant access to Emini Junkie Trading Plan™

*The combo package above come with ONE FREE MONTH to the live trading room which is included with your purchase.  If you want to remain in the live room after the first month simply do nothing and your Paypal account will be billed $99 every month on the date of your original purchase.  This is an automatic subscription service and you can cancel anytime prior to your next monthly cycle by logging into your Paypal account and simply unsubscribing from the live room subscription service.

Remember, there is no fluff in this course!  All in all this is the highest value  most comprehensive trading plan ever put together to completely build your Futures Trading Business.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! HURRY! Get one of the remaining introductory copies of Matt’s “Emini Junkie Trading Plan™” & KIS Trade Seminar DVD’s. Don’t wait another minute click here to order now!


By ordering today you will receive my step-by-step instant access eBook “Emini Junkie Trading Plan™…

TradingPlan2Buy Trading Plan Now!

Best Wishes and Great Trading,

Matt Brown


P.S. Remember, I take all the risk; you risk nothing. You’re 100% protected. Not only do you get my 30-day Success Guarantee, but you’re buying on your credit card.  You know that you have nothing to lose at all, so go ahead and try my course today.

P.P.S. Due to the time-sensitivity of the situation, you will receive a digital downloadable version of the Emini Junkie Trading Plan™ immediately following your order, so you’re just seconds away from accessing this crucial information.

P.P.P.S. I realize you may still have some questions, so I’ve posted some of the most commonly asked ones along with their answers below:


Q: I have never traded the Futures market. Is the Emini Junkie Trading Plan™ still for me?

Absolutely! Emini Junkie Trading Plan™ was created with beginners as well as experienced traders in mind. With the downloadable manual, beginners will learn everything they need to know about the futures market to start trading within hours, and experienced traders can dive into one of the more detailed systems and start profiting IMMEDIATELY!

Q: I’ve heard the Futures is riskier than other markets such as stocks and currencies. If I’m a beginner should I avoid the Futures?

Let’s get one thing straight right here and now…all forms of trading are inherently risky. If you want a guaranteed return – get a job! As for Emini Futures being more risky than say stocks, for example, here’s my reply.   Index futures is a reflection on the entire index…  It is not tied to one specific company’s news event.  Although you have leverage with the correct application your Risk Threshold should never be a problem. When an individual trader is taking a bath when the preverbal $h*+ that is Enron, WorldCom and Global Crossing hit the fan (not to mention the occasional dot.bomb and financial failure) an entire companies value can evaporate overnight with nothing to do about it.  No thank you, I’ll take my chances in the Indices. With the Futures, since it’s normal market forces that are driving the volatility, technical trading systems are not only more accurate, but they also hold up over a longer period of time.   This system has stood the test of the recent market highs, lows and rebound…  Working in lock step the entire time.

Q: But what about all that volatility? Isn’t it true that the Futures is more volatile than other markets?

Traders who fear volatility is almost as bad as Bull Riders who don’t like a Bucking Bull. You see, just like rodeo stars need ACTIVE bulls to achieve the best possible results, traders need ACTIVE movements if they’re going to extract big profits from the markets. And while it is possibly to make profits taking small gains during sideways markets, most traders will tell you that the major profit opportunities come during big moves. Take this move for example…

Obviously if you know what you’re doing, you don’t need many moves like these each week to make a very nice income. But again, if you want to profit from moves like this, you need volatility.

Q: But what about all that volatility? Isn’t it true that the Futures is more volatile than other markets?

Traders who fear volatility is almost as bad as Bull Riders who don’t like a Bucking Bull. You see, just like rodeo stars need ACTIVE bulls to achieve the best possible results, traders need ACTIVE movements if they’re going to extract big profits from the markets. And while it is possibly to make profits taking small gains during sideways markets, most traders will tell you that the major profit opportunities come during big moves. Take this move for example…

Q: How much money do I need to start trading?

Most brokers will allow you to start trading with an amount as low as $500.  Remember that starting out with low trading capital may put you at disadvantage because you will only be able to trade futures in small share lot sizes. We recommend to start with capital of $2,000-5,000 USD or train on a Demo account until you are satisfied with the performance.

Q: Is it hard to learn and implement your Emini Junkie Trading Plan™?

No! Most people who invest in the Emini Junkie Trading Plan™ start trading the next day after they get it. Some even the same day!

Q: Does the strategy cover other index futures than the ES?

The strategy has been designed to be useful for trading any major Index etc… The specific templates are for the ES, however our futures trading plan can be easily applied to any other market including currencies. We do recommend that you become proficient with one index at a time.

Q: Can I use the signals for swing trading?

Our systems are designed to be traded in the intraday sessions, but the style is applicable to any time frame.

Q: Where can I get the price data and charts to trade your systems?

In the Emini Junkie Trading Plan™, we show you how you can access the exact same charting platform and brokers we use for free!

Q: What kind of Internet connection and computer hardware do I need?

We recommend you to use either Cable or DSL Internet service if it is available in your area.  Using a desktop gaming computer is the best case scenario but any laptop is also sufficient.  If you are in a remote location we do have some users on satellite.

Q: Do you provide customer support?

Of course! We would never just sell you something and then leave you hanging.  Feel free to contact us any time you have questions or concerns.

Q: Can your methods become outdated?

These systems are what as known as “evergreen systems”, meaning they’re based on time-tested and proven fundamental market factors.  Unlike a lot of trading systems that are based purely on technical indicators (that can stop working for unknown reasons), we know exactly why our systems work the way they do.  That said, we are continually testing and tweaking our methods, and you’re entitled to free updates for life! As you can see, the Emini Junkie Trading Plan™ is perfect whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader. So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to begin profiting TODAY from the comfort of your very own home, simply click the button below to get started…

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